Hey guys, merry Consumermas (for those of you with normal families, you are lucky). I will be picking up an X1 after the holiday and am playing through each of my 360 games one last time as a result. Due to the fact that I have a lot, I decided to write an article series on 6 of the most notable games from my collection. Enjoy.....

A 360 Goodbye: Mass Effect 3

To start off, I want to talk about Mass Effect 3. Looking back on it (now that my Fan-Child hype has subsided), I can now see that the 3rd entry in this series is a great game that is hobbled by useless elements and poorly executed moments.Those two things being the useless character that is Diana Allers and the original ending to the piece. First, Allers is a stupid character. Did Jessica Chobot really need to be in the game? No! Her character serves no purpose and could have easily been replaced with another party member from 2 or 1 on the Normandy (I would have chosen Grunt or Thane. Love those guys.). At first, you think she will be useful when her reports help you with your readiness for the "final battle (or run down the hill as I call it)", but then you get to the infamous ending.


I remember the day I finished Mass Effect 3 for the first time (3/11/2012 if you were curious), my initial thought was "what the Hell was that?" I did not understand how a series so filled with choices and multiple branching paths could shit the bed in the last few moments. Only the colors change. Really Casey? How could you work on my favorite game of all time (K.O.T.O.R 1) and then fall so far in the final moments of what was the one and only epic RPG trilogy on the 360? I still do not understand and I never will. At the time, I bought into fan theories on the internet that proposed that Shepard was indoctrinated and that it would "all be explained in DLC". But alas, it was not. Were it not for the fans who whined and pestered BioWare to death, we would still be stuck with that awful original ending. I am forever grateful to them for saving the series.

In spite of those issues, I must admit that most of my favorite moments in Mass Effect come in the 3rd game. Curing the Genophage was probably the best quest of the whole series. I was raised by my father to always treat people in a kind and courteous manner and had felt bad for the Krogan from the beginning of the series. No matter what, no group of people deserve a fate like that. No One! When I saved Tuchanka and received such kind words from Eve and Wrex in the final scene, I had the biggest smile on my face. Helping people find a better life in a game just makes me feel good. All entertainment should strive to make other consumers feel the same way. It is amazing.

Finally, I would say the most important theme that the game tried to convey was acceptance of other people. Time after time in the series, the player sees people treat his friends terribly just because they look different or act different from the accepted norm. I hate when people speak ill of the Quarians. It is wrong for them to do so. On a more real world note, I do hope Steve Cortez made some players more accepting of gay people. His story was superb. In another time in my life, I would have looked upon it with scorn. Thankfully I am different now and I was rather touched by his story. I am deeply ashamed of the way I once thought of gay people. Not a day goes by that I do not regret that time in my life. So that's it everybody, a fond look back at the good and bad bits of Mass Effect 3. Stay tuned for more parts in this 6 part series.

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